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ATHENS METRO- Creation of an underground car park at Keramikos

AM_Keramikos_parkingBased on a decision issued by the Minister of PEHODE, Mr. George Souflias, the tendering procedure concerning the construction of an underground car park facility at Keramikos will advance within the first six months of 2006. The cost estimate of the project rises to 8.3 million euros.

It is pointed out that in March 1997 a decision was made to have construction works stopped at KERAMIKOS Station of the Athens Metro Line 3 and have the new Station (VOTANIKOS) relocated by approximately 300m southwards in the area of Gazi.

Following a design prepared by ATTIKO METRO S.A., the Ministry of PEHODE decided to utilize the unfinished shell of KERAMIKOS abolished station, creating an underground 5-storey car park facility with a 285-car capacity at one of the most central points of Athens (Iera Odos and Pireos) at a short distance from VOTANIKOS Station, which is currently under construction at the Metro extension towards Egaleo.

In this way, one the one hand the unfinished shell of the abolished Station will be utilized and on the other hand another car park will be created, thus, facilitating transfers to the Metro. It is worth mentioning that, as soon as the car park is constructed, the Ministry of PEHODE in co-operation with the Municipality of Athens will proceed with the re-development of the surface area, 9,000m2, in order to create a green area in the heart of the historical centre of Athens.

The project is expected to be completed within 2008.


Keramikos Car Park Area is scheduled to be constructed at a distance of 300 m. from VOTANIKOS Metro Station in a building, which is property of the Municipality of Athens, located at the intersection of Pireos Street with Iera Odos (the entrance/exit is on Iera Odos).
Within this framework, a contract was recently concluded with regard to the availability of the said municipal building for a predetermined time period for the construction of the project, which includes an underground 5-storey Car Park Facility with a capacity of 270 places, as well as the re-development of an area with a surface of approximately 9000 square meters; this contract includes the following individual conditions and terms:

  • The availability of the building to AM for a 30-year period,
  • The construction of the project based on AM funds or through the concession contract procedure,
  • The partial (in two phases) reinstatement and release of the building surface area,
  • Management, operation and utilization of the Car Park by AM or by third parties
  • Payment to the Municipality of an annual compensation at a percentage of 5% on the gross revenue which the operation of the Car Park Facility.
  • Release of the Car Park Facility to the Municipality upon elapse of the concession period, as well as
  • AM’s obligation to proceed with the tendering of the project construction within the next six months at the latest upon conclusion of the Concession Contract with the Municipality.
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