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February 2015

  • AGHIA VARVARA Station: Column construction works up to the roof level are in progress;
  • KORYDALLOS Station: Waterproofing, permanent lining reinforcement and concreting works are in progress;
  • NIKEA Station: Column concreting works from platform level -3 to the concourse slab at level -2, as well as works for the concreting of the NATM tunnel side walls have been completed. In the framework of the main Station’s permanent lining construction, concreting works are in progress for the columns from the concourse slab level to the E/M floor level, for a portion of the E/M slab, for the staircases nos. 6 and 7 and for the outer perimeter walls and columns from the E/M floor level to the roof slab level. In addition, works for the construction of the permanent lining of the main Station’s NATM tunnel are in progress (concreting of tunnel vault);
  • MANIATIKA Station: Excavation works for the main building of the Station (access ramp area) are in progress in the open trench area on P. Mavromichali Street, as well as the works for the excavation and phase A2 temporary retaining (north face – eastern gallery) of the Station’s main tunnel;
  • PIRAEUS Station: The works for the installation and assembly of the bentonite system, the arrival of accessories to be used in the construction of the diaphragm walls (DW) and the construction of guide walls for the DW testing panel to the north of the Station are in progress. At Entrance 3, in progress are the works for a) the demolition of ISAP perimeter fencing wall parallel to the earlier Akti Kallimasioti Street, b) the dismantling of the metal elements of the roof of ISAP warehouses building located at the opposite side of ISAP’s entrance on Kononos Street, and c) the demolition of the stone wall of the same building (1st building area). In the framework of PUO networks diversions, the works for the construction of Φ315 and Φ630 sewage network are also in progress. Moreover, in the framework of the traffic arrangements, the following works are also in progress: a) for the extension of the worksite occupation/ fencing (unification of Entrance 1 existing worksite area with the earlier Akti Kallimassioti street – occupation of the entrance of Grigoris coffee shop and occupation of part of Loudovikou Street), b) for laying of cables, c) for the connection of ILPAP network and removal of masts, d) for the construction of sidewalks (pumping station area, east sidewalk – south), and d) for dismantling the OASA stop located on the earlier Akti Kallimassioti street;
  • DIMOTIKO THEATRO Station: In progress are the excavation and temporary retaining works (shotcrete – pre-stressed anchors – fully-embedded anchors) in the area where the access ramp is to be dismantled, as well as the works for the temporary drainage at the station’s final excavation floor (1st section, 30m deep) on Aghiou Konstantinou Square. The works for the construction of the head beam above the station NATM connecting tunnel, at Korai Square, and dismantling works at P. Bakogianni Square are in progress. Excavation and temporary retaining works concerning the 4th level are also in progress, as well as the construction of the temporary floor and its temporary drainage, enabling the commencement of phase A excavation works for the NATM triple track tunnel at Deligianni Shaft. Finally, tunnel boring works for the 3rd tunnel interstation between KORYDALLOS and NIKEA Stations are in progress;
  • Tunnel boring works have been completed by 43%.
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