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Completion of SYNGROU-FIX car park & transfer Station

The Minister of PEHODE,Mr. George Souflias paid a visit today on August 24th to SYNGROU-FIX underground car park area and the transfer station whose construction was completed.

During his visit, the Minister of PEHODE,Mr. George Souflias made the following statement:

“The underground car park facility at SYNGROU-FIX Station is the first large underground parking area which has been constructed at a Metro Station. It is a significant project constructed at a location which enables access to the city centre from the southern suburbs. It is budgeted at 13.2 million euros.
It is a contemporary project with a fully-automated operation system. It has a capacity of 642 parking places and is directly connected to the Metro system so as to facilitate transfer to Line 2 (AGHIOS DIMITRIOS – AGHIOS ANTONIOS). The project was completed, delivered to AMEL and is about to be commissioned in the oncoming weeks, following the performance of the necessary tests to the automatic systems.
In addition, above the underground car park, i.e. on its surface, a contemporary Bus Line Transfer Station has been constructed.

Today, SYNGROU-FIX Station included, 2 100 parking places have been created at five (5) Stations of the METRO network. As I have already stated, the program related to the creation of car park facilities at Metro Stations will not be over soon. In 2007, upon implementation of the project, there will be a total of 5 000 parking places at nine (9) Stations of the network.

In particular,the designs for the creation of new parking places at NOMISMATOKOPIO, ELEONAS and ANTHOUPOLI Stations are in progress, while the design related to the increase in the number of parking places with the construction of one or two storeys (using open type metal structures) in the existing outdoor areas has been recently completed”.

Operation of the underground car park facility at SYNGROU-FIX Station

The 642 parking places are apportionned in 6 underground storeys.
More specifically, the first underground level has a capacity of 65 vehicles, the second one a capacity of 105 vehicles, while the 3rd, the 4th, the 5th and the 6th level repsctively have a capacity of 118 vehicles each.

Some of these parking places are designated for persons with special needs.

An area has been appropriately configured for parking motorbikes at each of the 6 underground levels (55 motorbikes in total).

Both the building reserved for bus stop and the six underground levels of the car park have been constructed using state-of-the-art technology:

  • contemporary and reliable payment system,
  • on-line upadate for free parking places at the entrance of each of the six underground levels,
  • fully automated operation system,
  • contemporary safety measures,
  • escalators and lifts for persons with special needs.

All electronic systems are connected to the Control Centre, which is located in an appropriately configured area of the Building reserved for Bus Stop. At the Control Centre all the necessary data concerning the safe operation of the underground car park are collected and appropriately utilized. The entire system is fully automated, easy to use, on a par with other car park facilities.(e.g. at ELEFTHERIOS VENIZELOS Airport).

At each level, there is a closed circuit television system, which monotors the movement of vehicles via respective screens installed at the Control Centre. Moreover, at each level, an electronic device for payment with the use of a magnetic card has been installed which is also equipped with a system which enables communication with the Control Centre.

At the entrance/exit of the parking there are electronic devices for issuing/validating the magnetic card as well as electronic cameras for identifying the incoming/outgoing vehicles.

Finally, it is pointed out that at the underground car park all passive and active measures have been taken to minimize the risk of fire occurence and fire fighting.

In addition, it is worth mentioning that, in compliance with international trends, provision for direct connection of the Metro system with the adjacent FIX historical building has been made.

As the worksite is under removal, ATTIKO METRO S.A. will soon configure the remaining part of the plot into a green area (total approximate surface: 2 000 m2) in order to re-develop the wider area of the Station.

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