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In September 2003 the decision was made for this specific Project to be constructed by means of National and European Union funds.

On the basis of the new Invitation to Tender, in June 2004 five Joint Ventures consisting of major Greek and Foreign companies of the construction field expressed their interest in participating in this Tender. Its first phase was completed in November 2004.

Four of the five Joint Ventures were qualified to proceed to the second stage of the tender and in January 2005 they took delivery of the tender documents, as well the new advanced concept design of the Project. In May 12th 2005, the pre-selected Joint Ventures submitted their Technical and Financial Offers and in August 19th the Tender Committee completed the evaluation process of the Technical and Financial Offers submitted by the three Joint Ventures, which were accepted to participate in the final phase of the Tender.

The Contract with the Contracting Joint Venture AEGEK – IMPREGILO – ANSALDO T.S.F – SELI – ANSALDOBREDA was signed on April 7th 2006 and the construction of the Project commenced at the end of June 2006.

The contract for the construction of the Thessaloniki Metro extension to Kalamaria was signed in June 2013 with the contracting Company AKTOR ATE; this project has been integrated into the NSRF – Operational Program “Macedonia – Thrace” and is funded by the EIB. Its overall budget amounts to € 518 million (the amount of € 400 million concerns the contract signed) and it consists in 4.78km and 5 stations.

Decision for this Project to be tendered as Public Work9/2003
Legislative regulation awarding the implementation of the Project to ELLINIKO METRO12/2003
Commencement of the procedure related to the pre-qualification of Contractors12/2003
Submission of applications by candidates expressing their interest6/2004
Completion of pre-qualification procedure11/2004
Completion of the preparation of the design and tender documents by ELLINIKO METRO1/2005
2nd phase of the Project Tendering process1/2005
Submission of Technical and Financial Offers5/2005
Technical Evaluation of the bidding Joint Ventures7/2005
Appointment of a provisional Contractor8/2005
Conclusion of the Contract and initiation of the Project construction activities4/2006
Singing of the Contract concerning the Extension to Kalamaria7/2013

The construction of Thessaloniki Metro shall integrate state-of-the-art technology and the most demanding standards concerning both quality and operation, rendering it, thus, the most modern Metro System in the whole Europe.


The basic characteristics of the THESSALONIKI METRO network are the following:

  • A Depot in the Pylea Region (Votsi) covering a surface of 50,000 square meters.
  • 13 modern center platform stations
  • 9.5 km of Line (with two independent single track tunnels) constructed mostly (7.7 km) by means of two Tunnel Boring Machines. The remaining section of the Line will be constructed by the Cut and Cover method
  • 18 ultra-automatic and state-of-the-art trains, fully air-conditioned, which will be run without a train driver, with an attendant aboard the train.
  • systems of platform screen doors (PSD) on the platforms for each station, for providing optimal services and maximum safety to passengers
  • construction of a depot in the Pylea region covering a surface of 50,000 square meters
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