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  1. The Societe Anonyme entitled “ATTIKO METRO S.A.” announces a tender based on the open procedure for the award of designs on the basis of a framework agreement for the project: “TOPOGRAPHICAL SURVEYS AND DESIGNS FOR THE EXTENSIONS OF THESSALONIKI METRO TO EVOSMOS AND PAPAGEORGIOU HOSPITAL” (Ref. Code RFP-225/12). The maximum overall pre-estimated fee for all individual designs of the framework agreement amounts to 191,597.13€ (VAT excluded).
  2. The framework agreement concerns designs of category 16 and the conclusion of three (3) individual contracts, as a maximum, for the preparation of designs with the qualified Contractor.

    The scope of the contract concerns the preparation of Topographical Surveys and Designs for the extensions of the Thessaloniki Metro Project to Evosmos and “Papageorgiou” Hospital.

    The conditions of this agreement and the main characteristics of the scope of the relevant individual designs of the framework agreement are included in the documents stated in article 7 herein.

  3. The present Contract Notice and its accompanying documents can be obtained from ΑΤΤΙΚΟ METRO S.A., 191-193 Messogion Avenue, 6th floor (Information: Μrs. M. Christodoulidou, tel.: 210-6792351) during working days from 9:00 to 15:00.

    Interested parties can obtain the aforementioned documents up to eight (8) days prior to the expiry of the deadline for the submission of the offers from the premises of ATTIKO METRO S.A., the Company responsible for the conduct of the tender, against the amount of 10,00€, and more precisely, by September 10th, 2012.

    ATTIKO METRO S.A. is obliged to deliver the tender documents within six (6) days maximum upon receipt of the relevant application.
    In addition, the tender documents are also available in ATTIKO METRO S.A. website www.emetro.gr. It is noted that according to article 21.8 of the Contract Notice, in case of participation in the Tender, interested parties must necessarily take delivery of the Financial Offer Form from ATTIKO METRO S.A. premises.

  4. The deadline for the submission of the participation envelopes to the Awarding Authority is September 18th,2012 at 15:00.
    Overdue applications and offers shall be rejected as unacceptable.
  5. The license categories, in line with article 2, paragraph 2 of Law 3316/05, required for each individual design of the contract to be concluded and each respective license class, in line with the individual pre-estimated design fees stipulated in paragraph 11.2 of this Contract Notice, are as follows:Design Category (16) “Topographical Surveys and Designs”, license class B or C

    Eligible to participate in the Tender are physical or legal entities, either individually, or in a Consortium or a Joint Venture that will be or has been established, provided that these entities or their members (in case of consortia or joint ventures):

    are registered in the Greek Registers of Designers or Engineering Firms and they are holders of licenses of the design categories and classes mentioned above, or

    originate from member-states of the EU, the EFA, or countries which have signed the Public Contracts Agreement of the World Trade Organization (WTO) which keep similar registries, as per article 52 of Directive 2004/18/EC, and they are registered in design categories and classes corresponding to those indicated above, or

    originate from member-states of the EU or the EFA which do not keep the registries mentioned in the previous paragraphs, or from states that have ratified the agreement about public contracts of the World Trade Organization, which are registered in the Professional-Commercial Registry provided in Annex IX C of Directive 2004/18/EC or in the respective registers of the state of their seat and the possess a general experience corresponding to the experience resulting from the registration in the Registry of Designers – Engineering Firms, i.e., their executives possess the following experience in the respective design categories, as per article 39 of L. 3316/2005:

    For design category 16 “Topographical Surveys and Designs”, at least one designer who has obtained his degree eight years ago and has a proved experience in the said category or at least one designer who has obtained his degree twelve years ago and has a proved experience in the said category.

  6. Each bidder fulfilling the prerequisites of article 18 of the Contract Notice, shall – at the penalty of disqualification – also possess special technical and professional competence, as per the stipulations of the aforementioned article. This special technical competence is demonstrated:
    1. through the preparation of designs similar to this one, which have been prepared within the last ten (10) years by the candidate – either physical or legal entity – on the basis of the pertinent contracts. The contracts in which the deliverable design stages were approved within this time period shall be taken into consideration.The following types of designs are considered to be as similar designs, namely:
      • Topographical Surveys and Designs, their scope being similar to the one described in the document entitled Technical Data, and more precisely, topographical surveys and designs in built-up areas and triangulation designs using the GPS system.
    2. through the availability of the specialized personnel mentioned here-below to be respectively included in the “Design Team” of the Technical Offer Envelope.
      • One Survey Engineer possessing a five–year experience in similar designs, as described above.
    3. through the availability of the following technical equipment – as a minimum – to be also included in the “Method Statement Report” of the Technical Offer Envelope.
      • A 2-frequency GPS System and the relevant software
      • A ±1mm/km high precision electronic level
      • A high precision geodesic station for angles 2΄΄ and for distances ±2mm+2ppm

    In line with article 20 of the Contract Notice, in order to strengthen their technical competence (which either the bidders do not have at all, either they have part of it but not all of it – e.g. Part of the required experience or part of the necessary personnel), the bidders can utilize the competence of other companies or natural entities (third parties) who do not participate in the said tender but who are willing to make available to the bidders the competence required in order to execute the contract, regardless the legal nature of relationships between the bidders and these companies or natural entities. More detailed information is included in the Contract Notice.

    All documentation that must be submitted in case of invocation of third party resources is mentioned in detail in Article 21.4 of the Contract Notice.

  7. The duration of the framework agreement is set to 14 months.

    The signing date of the private agreement is set as the date for the commencement of the deadlines of the framework agreement. The individual contracts can be awarded to the Contractor within the validity period of the framework agreement.

    The deadlines for the execution of the individual contracts and the commencement time of each deadline shall be determined on the basis of the private agreement. The deadlines set shall be reasonable, i.e. they shall depend on the quantities of each contract. The contractor is obliged to execute the works of the individual contract and any dispute of his as regards the deadline set shall be resolved in line with the stipulations of article 41, Law 3316/05.

  8. In order to participate in the subject Tender, the bidders shall deposit a Letter of Guarantee for Participation amounting to Three Thousand Eight Hundred Thirty One EURO and ninety four cents (3.831,94€), which shall consist either a) in Letters of Guarantee issued by TSMEDE or by Banks lawfully operating in Greece or any other member-state of the European Union, or EFA or WTO, or in b) the deposit of the respective amount or of bonds of the respective amount to the Deposits and Loans Fund (article 24, paragraph 2, Law 3316/05).

    The Letters of Guarantee shall expire at least 13 months upon the expiry of the deadline for the submission of the offers.

  9. The design has been integrated into the Design Program of ATTIKO METRO S.A. and the Contracts to be awarded to the Contractor shall be funded by the Company’s own capitals and/or National Resources. The preparation of the design can be co-funded in the framework of the National Strategic Reference Framework (ESPA), should the resources requires be secured.
  10. The selection of the Contractor of the Framework Agreement shall be based on the open procedure, as this is stipulated in paragraph 5, article 1 of Law 3316/2005.
    The criterion for the award of the Contract shall be the submission of the “most advantageous offer, from a financial point of view”, according to paragraph 6, article 8 of Law 3316/2005.
    The most advantageous offer, from a financial point of view, shall be based on the weighing of the scoring of both Technical and Financial Offers of the Bidders, who have not been disqualified, on the basis of articles 18, 19 and 20 of the Contract Notice. The evaluation of the offers and the appointment of the Contractor shall be exclusively based on the criteria for the evaluation of the Technical and Financial Offers, as these are described in detail in article 22 of the Contract Notice, having weighed the bidders’ scoring, as per paragraph 22.2 of the Contract Notice.
  11. The tender shall be completed upon the issuance of the pertinent Resolution by the Administrative Authority (i.e., the Board of Directors of ATTIKO METRO S.A., according to Resolution No. 874(b)/09.05.07, seated at 191 – 193 Messogion Avenue, 115 25 Athens) about the award of the design, further to the concurrent opinion of the Tender Committee.
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