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The present Clarifications Document is issued in line with the stipulations of paragraph 2.3 of the Contract Notice and extract of AM Board of Directors Minutes of Meeting No. 1182(1)/13.09.2012: it includes responses to questions, timely submitted by the interested parties, i.e. by September 20, 2012 at 15:00.

The content of the Clarifications Document is deemed as an integral part of the Contract Notice.


The submitted questions are related to the Contract Notice document.

Question 1

Kindly clarify whether you shall accept the submission of Expression of Interest in the aforesaid tender procedure, containing Legal Declarations and official Legal Declarations stating that there is no reason for disqualification, issued within ten days from the initial deadline for the submission of offers.

Specifically, all signed documents included in the envelope we have prepared and we shall submit tomorrow 18/09/2012 are dated 14/09/2012.

Response 1

Article 21 of the Contract Notice states that “Legal Declarations are not required to bear a certified signature and must have been issued not earlier than ten days from the deadline for the submission of the offers”.

Moreover, article 21.3 of the Contract Notice concerning “Personal Status Documentation” stipulates that “It is pointed out that at the penalty of disqualification Legal Declarations must bear a certified signature and must have been issued not earlier than ten days from the deadline for the submission of the offer”.

The ten-day period as regards Legal Declarations shall be calculated taking as a basis the offer submission date, i.e. the date the offer was submitted to ATTIKO METRO S.A. Document Control Department.

Question 2

In paragraph 21.7.2.c we are required to supplement the table with information documenting earlier cooperation among the members of the study group. This table must be accompanied by certificates certifying the asserted cooperation. The same paragraph requires demonstration of the coordinator’s experience. According to the Standard Contract Notice type D of Law 3316/2005 and your Invitation No. RFP 225/12, there is no need to demonstrate the coordinator’s experience. In view of the above, please clarify whether the requirement to demonstrate the coordinator’s experience was inavertedly included in the paragraph concerning the demonstration of cooperation among the members of the study group and, therefore, the relevant reference in paragraph 21.7.2.c should not be taken into account by the bidders: “Especially as regards demonstration of the coordinator’s experience, consideration shall be given apart from the studies prepared in accordance with L.3316/05, to those studies that were prepared based on an earlier legal framework, provided that a certain specific Contract Notice included “study group coordinator” duties or these duties were actually exercised in the framework of a specific tender procedure”.

In case of negative response, kindly suggest the method of demonstrating the coordinator’s experience (e.g. Statement made by the coordinator enclosing a list of studies, stating to which and how many of these studies he exercised similar duties, as well as whether the subject studies were smoothly developed and completed).

Response 2

As per article 22.1.1.b of the Contract Notice, the cohesion degree of the proposed group, as well as “the degree of effectiveness of the proposed group and especially of the coordinator in relation to the foreseen duties and in relation to earlier cooperations in similar contracts for studies” are also evaluated among other criteria.

Therefore, the information concerning an eventual earlier cooperation among the members of the study group relating to a maximum time period of ten years (article 21.7.2.c of the Invitation) and specifically, sample 2, Annex III, should also include the information concerning the Coordinator. In addition, as far as the coordinator is concerned the certificates mentioned in the above article are also required to be submitted. In the event this person had the position of coordinator in other studies as well, such as those described in article 21.7.2.c, the certificate demonstrating the cooperation of the members shall make clear reference to his position as a coordinator.

It is clarified that the requirement to demonstrate the coordinator’s experience does not apply to all studies where he held the position of coordinator but only to those studies in which he was cooperating with other members of the study group.

Question 3

Please clarify whether the Technical Offer Envelope should contain a statement by the coordinator including a list of all studies.

Response 3

Please refer to Response #2.

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