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LINE 3 EXTENSION – Call for tender for the three Stations of Line 3

Call for tender with regard to the full development of ETHNIKI AMYNA-DOUKISSIS PLAKENTIAS tunnel section. Stations: Holargos, Nomismatokopio and Aghia Paraskevi

Mr. George Souflias, Minister of PEHODE, from the Town Hall of the Municipality of Aghia Paraskevi, an area to be served by the Metro system in future, made the following statements:

“We, at the Ministry of PEHODE, move at a rapid and steady pace- and so does the Metro- having completed the reformation and the purification of public works production system. So, we set off on a unprecedented and really huge project. Already, projects, whose cost amounted to 1.6 billion Euros, have been already put to tender. By February, projects amounting to 2.5 billion Euros will have been put to tender. Till the end of the year, the amount will have reached a new high, i.e. 5 billion Euros. The projects will have been put to tender and shall commence in 2005. The Metro projects are fall within this framework.

Based on the scheduling of YPEHODE concerning the Attiko Metro development, already given out in October 2004, ATTIKO METRO S.A. announced, in sequence,  the third call for tender with regard to Metro works in the Attica region. In particular, following the call for tender of Egaleo-Aghia Marina (Haidari) tunnel section (October 2004 – 200 million euros)and Aghios Antonios-Peristeri tunnel section (November 2004 – 125 million euros), the tender for the selection of a Contractor to construct the three stations which have not been constructed at ETHNIKI AMYNA – DOUKISSIS PLAKENTIAS Metro extension is currently about to commence (budget: 80 million Euros – secured funding by the 3rd CSF). The Metro ridership following the commissioning of the three new Stations is anticipated to increase by 60 000 passengers on a daily basis.

  1. The first station, which follows ETHNIKI AMYNA Station, is HOLARGOS Station and shall be constructed below Messogion Avenue at its intersection with Faneromenis Street. HOLARGOS Station is expected to serve passengers mainly from the wider area of Holargos and Neo Psychiko. HOLARGOS Station is foreseen to be delivered at the end of 2007.
  2. The next Station is NOMISMATOKOPIO. Its location is considered of high importance in terms of transport given that it is the first station located on Messogion Avenue where residents of Aghia Paraskevi, Messogia and the eastern coast of Attica will be able to take the Metro from. For this reason, concurrently with the construction of the Station, it is also planned to create bus transfer facilities, as well as park-and-ride facilities. NOMISMATOKOPIO Station is anticipated to be delivered to the public within 2007.
  3. The third Station is AGHIA PARASKEVI, located on Aghias Paraskevis Street on the boundaries of the Municipality of Aghia Paraskevi with the Municipality of Halandri. Unfortunately, the construction of the said Station away from the central square of the Municipality resulted in the provision of poor Metro services to many areas in the Municipality of Aghia Paraskevi. AGHIA PARASKEVI Station is expected to be delivered to the public within 2008.
  4. For the construction of AGHIA PARASKEVI Station, it is deemed necessary to interrupt the operation of a tunnel section for a three-month time period in summer 2007. This is due to the fact that-unlike HOLARGOS & NOMISMATOKOPIO Stations- the shell of the said Station was not constructed concurrently with the Metro tunnel construction to Doukissis Plakentias, thus resulting in the demolition of a tunnel section at this specific point. ATTIKO METRO S.A. managed to significantly reduce the interruption operation time (initial estimate: 6 months)and considers all possibilities of further reducing the time. Securing a solution which ensures the minimum disruption to the line operation constitutes the basic criterion for the appointment of the Contractor.
  5. The completion of the three new Metro stations coincides with the completion of Egaleo-Aghia Marina (Haidari) tunnel section. Therefore, Metro Line 3 will be renamed AGHIA MARINA (HAIDARI) – DOUKISSIS PLAKENTIAS, thus serving 17 Stations and the underground tunnel will be 20.1 km long, as a whole. Our political will and aim is to extend and continuously improve the Metro network, which is the most reliable mode of transport, thus enhancing the daily life of citizens in Attica region.”

By 2008, five new areas in Attica region, i.e. Egaleo, Peristeri, Aghia Marina (Haidari), Holargos and Aghia Paraskevi shall be incorporated in the Metro network and the transportation needs of 100 000 new passengers shall be served by the most reliable mode of transport in Attica region.

Based on the scheduling of YPEHODE, the Metro projects in Athens keep developping. In March 2005, the fifth, in sequence, Metro project, i.e. the underground 5.5km Metro line 2 extension from Aghios Dimitrios to Elliniko with an approximate budget of 400 million euros will be put to tender in order to offer significant services to the southern suburbs. For all the projects there are specific time schedules, so that the Contractors may have been installed at approximately all the Projects within 2005.


The project under procurement includes the design, construction and commissioning of AGHIA PARASKEVI Station and the completion of the construction and commissioning of HOLARGOS & NOMISMATOKOPIO, where a major part of civil works has been constructed.


HOLARGOS Station follows ETHNIKI AMYNA Station. It is located below Messogion Avenue at its intersection with Faneromenis Street.

The main works which need to be carried out for the commissioning of the Station are the following:

  • construction of the Station main shaft (A’Level), where the councourse area is located
  • construction of two entrances/exits
  • installation of architectural finishes
  • installation of E/M and railway systems of the Station.

Nomismatokopio Station is located on Messogion Avenue at the intersection with Iridos Street adjacent to National Mint.

The main works which remain to be carried out for the commissioning of the Station are the following:

  • construction of the eastern entrance/exit
  • installation of the architectural finishes
  • installation of E/M and railway systems of the Station.

AGHIA PARASKEVI Station is the third Station in sequence at Line 3 extension from ETHNIKI AMYNA, between NOMISMATOKOPIO & HALANDRI Stations. It covers an area of approximately 4,000m2 among Ag. Paraskevis, Polydouri, Thessalonikis and Ethnarhou Makariou Streets, at the boundaries of the Municipalities of Aghia Paraskevi and Halandri at a distance of 700m from Aghias Paraskevis square.

Unlike HOLARGOS and NOMISMATOKOPIO Stations, whose shell has already been constructed and can be completed without affecting the Metro operation, at AGHIA PARASKEVI Station construction works have not preceded. For this reason, at a specific Station construction phase, when it will be required to dismantle a tunnel section, it will be required to stop the Metro operation. The construction method to be implemented shall ensure both the minimization of the overall Line 3 operation disruption time and the passengers’ inconvenience involved.

The Station shall have two entrances, on either side of Aghia Paraskevi street connecting Aghia Paraskevi square with former Kennedy square at Halandri.It is developped in 4 levels:the track level, the platforms’ level, the concourse leval and, finally, a mezzanine level with a forecast for dismantling in case in future it is decided to create a new road axis in the area.

AGHIA PARASKEVI Station is provided for to be commissioned in summer 2008.


The budget for the full development of Metro Line 3 north extension amounts to 80 million euros and the Project Contractor is expected to commence construction works in summer 2006.

The Metro ridership following the operation of the aforementioned three Stations is anticipated to increase by 60 000 passengers on a daily basis, thus serving the north and the north-east suburbs of the city. It is worth mentioning that the distance between MONISMATOKOPIO Station and the city center (SYNTAGMA Station) shall be covered in 10 minutes, while by car in peak hours it takes more than 40 minutes.

The Athens Metro shall continue to extend and improve, thus serving the needs of more and more areas in Attica basin, changing the image of the said areas, strengthening local economy and reducing distances.

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