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PANORMOU Station – Art program at PANORMOU Station

The ATTIKO METRO S.A. art program continues to be implemented in order to cover all the Stations of the Metro network and hightlight both classic and contemporary cultural heritage of Greece.Today, significant archaeological finds which have been revealed during the execution of the Metro excavation works, adorn five central stations of the network, while in 16 Metro Stations works of art created by acknowledged artists are displayed.

ATTIKO METRO, upon completion of the Tender concerning the art program for MEGARO MOUSSIKIS Station (a work of art created by Panagiotis Fidakis adorns the said Station), proceeded with the announcement of a new Tender concerning PANORMOU Station.

At this tender (which is budgeted to 150,000 euros), 26 Greek artists participated and the Tender Committee unanimously selected the following candidates to participate in the second and last phase of the Tender:

  • Michalis Katzourakis – MAZAREKO
  • Bouzas Vassilios – PLATONAS
  • Sarantopoulou Christina – PALMOS
  • Voutsina Theodora & Papastergiou Miltiadis – SPATHIES
  • Moustakas Alexandros – ZEUS

During the second phase of the Tender the aforementioned candidates submitted their integrated designs and their works of art competed on equal terms. The Tender Committee selected the most appropriate proposal to be implemented at PANORMOU Station and unanimously appointed Mr. Michalis Katzourakis as the winner of the tender and his work of art entitled “MAZAREKO”.

The Board of Directors recently resolved (on 11.05.05)to assign to the artist Michalis Katzourakis the implementation of the work of art entitled MAZAREKO at PANORMOU Station.

It is a composition to be mounted on the ceiling and at the concourse level of the Station, at the two fronts over the escalators and on the wall of one of the platforms.

The artist through the use of mirrors which reflect coloured light patterns, achieves to tranform their geometrical austerity in rhythm, thus adding intensity and variety of colours in the Station area.

Moreover, thanks to the use of mirrors, the passengers-users of PANORMOU Station see alternating images when they move inside the station areas.


The second prize of the tender was awarded to Mr. Vassilios Bouzas who created the work of art “PLATONAS”, while the third prize was awarded to the work of art “PALMOS” created by Mrs Christina Sarantopoulou. The forth prize was awarded to the work of art “SPATHIES” created by the artists Theodora Voutsina & Miltiadis Papastergiou, while the fifth prize to Mr. Alexandros Moustakas with the work of art “ZEUS” created by Mr. Alexandros Moustakas.

It is worth mentioning that, based on the terms of the Tender, ATTIKO METRO S.A. is entitled to utilize the works of art of the second and the third winners, following their concurrence, in order to adorn other Stations of the network, as it is the case for the work of art created by Mrs. Vasso Peklari (2nd winner of the art program concerning MEGARO MOUSSIKIS Station), whose work of art currently adorns the two levels of KATEHAKI Station.


The implementation of the art program aims at enhancing the surrounding area of the Metro users. Thus, the Athens Metro will continue to be a transportation mode  opted by the users consciously and not by necessity.

For further information you may contact the Public Relations Department of ATTIKO METRO S.A. over the phone 210-6792031, by fax 210-6726126, or by email [email protected]

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