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The Metro now goes to west Athens and Piraeus – Statements made by the Minister of PEHODE

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Mr. George Souflias, Minister of PEHODE, visited today ATTIKO METRO A.E. (AM)’s premises, on the occasion of the commencement of the tendering procedure regarding the Metro extension towards the Western Suburbs of Athens and Piraeus; the Minister was informed by the Management and the Executives of the Company about the ATTIKO METRO Project during the last two-year period, the Metro Projects which are now in progress, as well as about the future Metro Projects in Athens and Thessaloniki.

Mr. George Souflias made the following statements:

The Tendering Procedure for the Metro Extension towards Piraeus commenced.

“As we announced in February, the execution of works for the Extensions of the ATHENS METRO Lines continues through the second generation of the Network’s extensions, while YPEHODE’s first priority is to further expand Line 3 to the western suburbs from Aghia Marina (Haidari) to Piraeus. This Project was put to tender today and the new Metro Extension will be 8.2 km long in total; it will commence from AGHIA MARINA (HAIDARI) Station to terminate at EVANGELISTRIA Station in Piraeus area, with seven (7) new Stations.

This Extension will serve the Western Suburbs of the Attica Basin (Agia Varvara, Nikea, Korydallos), as well as Piraeus, which will now have 4 new modern Metro Stations (TAMBOURIA, PIRAEUS, DIMOTIKO THEATRO and EVANGELISTRIA) and will improve significantly the quality of life of the citizens facilitating their access to the center of Athens and Piraeus.

It is anticipated that the Extension of Line 3 from Aghia Marina (Haidari) to Piraeus will serve on a daily basis more than 160,000 passengers who will be able to use the Metro for their transportation, combining safety, comfort and high speed. This Extension with three (3) new Stations (PIRAEUS, DIMOTIKO THEATRO and EVANGELISTRIA) will provide reliable transportation services to the Port, the center and the commercial area of the city of Piraeus, while the respective benefits for the University of Piraeus will be equally important.

Upon the implementation of this Extension, Line 3 of the Athens Metro will be 49 km. long (28.5 km. will be underground), commencing from EVANGELISTRIA Station in Piraeus and terminating at the Airport.

The budget of the Project amounts to EURO 570 million and the pertinent funding is anticipated to be secured through the 3rd CSF from the funds that have not been absorbed by other business plans. The tendering of the Project includes the following:

  • The detailed final design
  • The civil works for the construction of 7 new Stations and 8.2 km of tunnel;
  • Part of the electromechanical equipment of the extension;
  • Testing, commissioning, personnel training and maintenance of the extension.

The appointment of the Contractor and the commencement of the works for the construction of the extension shall be effected at the beginning of 2007, on condition that no entanglement would ensue from the Contractors’  Objections.

The following construction methods will be utilized for the construction of the Stations: cut and cover, underground boring with conventional means (NATM) and cover and cut with diaphragm walls.

The tunnel will be bored by means of the Tunnel Boring Machine (TBM) in an effort to minimize the disturbance to the city functions. Moreover, during the preparation of the General Final Design of the Project – to be ready in summer – the option will be examined for the utilization of a second TBM in view of reducing the construction duration of the Project, estimated to be 62 months.

The progress of ATTIKO METRO A.E. works

We have commenced the major Metro Project Front ever existed in Greece. Nowadays, Metro Projects budgeted over 2 billion EURO are being constructed in Athens and Thessaloniki. A front consisting of 26 new Stations and 22.5 km of new underground line. I am very pleased and very proud of the new Metro Project and I would like to congratulate the Management, Engineers and all Executives of ATTIKO METRO A.E. who have worked systematically and quite effectively during the last two years for us to reach this point of success.

As I have been informed by the Management and all Executives of ATTIKO METRO A.E., the working rate has been intensified in all fronts. In particular:

1. The first worksites of Thessaloniki Metro are being installed

As of April 7, 2006, when the contract was signed, the Contractor has compiled the first designs for the necessary traffic arrangements and diversions of the Public Utility Networks, for the installation of the five first worksites to be installed in June, namely: the central worksite in “Sidirodromikos Stathmos” (Railway Station), as well as the worksites likely to hide archaeological finds in Dimokratias Square, Venizelou, Agia Sofia and Sintrivani.

At the same time, the investigation trenches at selected points for the identification of the PUOs that must be relocated have commenced. In the month of June the Managing Department will be installed in Thessaloniki and its staffing with engineers from Thessaloniki will commence.

2. The works for the new Metro extensions in Athens have commenced

a) As regards the “underground” Metro extension to Elliniko 5.5 km long, the installation of the main worksite in the area of Elliniko, of the four worksites for the respective Stations (ILIOUPOLI, ALIMOS, ARGYROUPOLI, ELLINIKO) and of the nine out of the eleven remaining smaller worksites for the station exits and shafts commenced in May. The preparatory works (designs, archaeological works, PUO network diversions, etc.) are progressing at an intensive pace in line with the time schedule.

b) As regards the Project concerning the Metro extension to Aghia Marina (Haidari) and the construction of Eleonas Depot, all four worksites have been installed as of mid April and the works are progressing at an intensive pace in line with the time schedule. Beyond the preparation of the designs pertaining to the relocation of the PUO networks and the execution of the necessary archaeological investigation trenches, the earthworks in the area of the Depot are progressing at an intensive pace.

c) As regards the Project concerning the Metro extension to Anthoupoli, it is anticipated that the pertinent contract will be signed within the following days upon submission of the relevant documentation by the Spanish Companies to whom the Project has been awarded. The Contracting Joint Venture is ready, upon the contract signing, to be installed at the worksite – which already exists in the framework of the previous contracting work – as well as to install three out of the four worksites of the Project in June.

d) As regards the Project concerning the three stations (HOLARGOS, NOMISMATOKOPIO, AGIA PARASKEVI), the relevant designs have been completed and Phase B’ of the Tendering Procedure will commence within the following days. The works will commence in autumn.

e) Moreover, the works for the construction of the Metro extension to Egaleo (VOTANIKOS, ELEONAS, EGALEO) are progressing at an intensive pace and based on the approved time schedule, this Extension, 4.3 km long, will be commissioned in April 2007. The tunnel lining and the structures made of reinforced concrete of the three stations were completed in May, while the works relating to the architectural finishes and the electromechanical installations in the stations have commenced. Two out of the seven shafts have been competed while the remaining five shafts are under construction. The works for the installation of rails and the composite electromechanical systems have commenced as of the beginning of 2006.

3. The preparation of the designs for Line 4 commenced

As we announced in December 2005, the subsequent major Metro Project in Athens consists in the construction of Line 4. The new U – shaped Line 4 – indicated in orange color – (ALSOS VEIKOU – PANEPISTIMIO – KATEHAKI – MAROUSSI) 20 km long with 20 stations and an estimated budget to amount to EURO 2.1 billion, will change dramatically the Athens transportation map providing services to more than 400,000 passengers on a daily basis and connecting many densely populated areas, hospitals, universities and courts.
The designs for the various sections of the new line 4 are in progress and this new major project will be tendered as soon as the relevant funds are secured. The utilization of funds through the 4th Program Period of the Community Funding, as well as the ATTIKO METRO proposal for funding through the securitization of ATTIKI ODOS future revenues are under examination.


The designs for the first extensions of THESSALONIKI METRO towards Kalamaria and Stavroupoli are in progress; our target is to integrate their construction funding into the 4th Program Period of the Community Funding”.

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