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METRO EXTENSION TO PERISTERI AND ANTHOUPOLI – Conclusion of the contract of the project

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The contract of the project was signed today with regard to the Metro Line 2 extension to Peristeri and Anthoupoli. The budget of the project amounts to 98 million euros and the contractor is F.C.C. Construction – J&P AVAX consortium.

With regard to this issue the Minister of PEHODE, Mr. George Souflias made the following statement:

”Upon commencement of the Metro extensions to Elliniko and Aghia Marina (Haidari), the Metro extension to Peristeri and Anthoupoli, with two state-of-the-art Stations, will commence to be constructed. The worksite areas will be developed in July and this extension is expected to be commissioned at the end of 2008.

Upon completion of the said project, the largest municipality of the western suburbs of Athens will be served by three Metro stations AG. ANTONIOS, PERISTERI, ANTHOUPOLI; 75 000 passengers will be served on a daily basis. The residents of Peristeri district will be able to reach ELLINIKO Station in less than half an hour and SYNTAGMA Station in ten minutes!

At the same time, we examine the possibility to create a car park facility with a large capacity, as well as a Transfer Station to and from the bus lines at ANTHOUPOLI new terminal station. Moreover, the construction of PERISTERI Station at the central square of the said Municipality provides the possibility to unify and redevelop the square, with a respective traffic arrangement at Pan. Tsaldari Avenue. Τhe Contract concluded includes the said project and it will be executed concurrently with the Metro works.

It is particularly important that thanks to the relocation of ANTHOUPOLI Station by 350m. to the south, due to inappropriate soil conditions, the future further extension of the Metro to Kipoupoli, Petroupoli and Ilion was ensured.

Today, the largest front of Metro works ever carried out n Greece is under construction. As a total, in Athens and Thessaloniki 26 new Stations and 22.5 km of new underground Line will be constructed. Moreover, the new Metro extension from Aghia marina (Haidari) to Piraeus was recently put to tender (8.2 km with 7 new stations), while new extensions are concurrently in a phase of design”.


This Contracting work includes the design and construction of PERISTERI and ANTHOUPOLI Stations of AGHIOS DIMITRIOS-AGHIOS ANTONIOS Metro Line 2 western extension. – ‘Aγιος Αντώνιος (Γραμμή 2) του Μετρό. In detail, this contracting work includes:

  • PERISTERI Station will be constructed mainly using the C/C method along Panagi Tsaldari Av. where the Townhall of Peristeri is located. Thirty per cent of the Station will be constructed using the underground method in order to mitigate any disturbance to vehicular circulation since at this point there is a 6-road junction. PERISTERI Station will be composed of three levels with approximately the same outline (11,000 square meters total surface).
  • ANTHOUPOLI Station will be constructed using the C/C method underneath Anapafseos Street between Dodekanissou and Thivon Streets. Double-track tunnel, 303m long, which was not bored in the past using the OFS for safety reasons. This tunnel section will be constructed below surface using conventional mechanical means.
  • Twenty-eight m. of double track tunnel to be constructed using the C/C method at PERISTERI Station.
  • Three ventilation shafts (eastern and western shafts of Peristeri Station and the terminal Station at Aghios Ierotheos).

The construction of the two Metro Stations is expected to upgrade in terms of aesthetics the area of the Municipality of Peristeri, since the Stations will be highly aesthetical and the areas at the surface level of the Stations will be redeveloped.


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