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METRO EXTENSION TO ELLINIKO – Statements made by the Minister of PEHODE WITH REGARD TO Line 2 extension to Elliniko

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The Minister of PEHODE, Mr. George Souflias made the following statements with regard to the progress in the construction of Line 2 Extension to Elliniko:

‘When we assumed responsibility, the said Project was at a tendering stage as a surface structure with an elevated bridge along Vouliagmenis Avenue, a technical solution which would cause significant disturbance (sound and visual) to the Municipalities of Ilioupoli, Argyroupoli, Alimos and Elliniko.

In a year, we managed to prepare a new design for the project and proceed with a new Tender, where the total of the project would be underground like the entire Metro network and the contract of the project was concluded with the contracting consortium on March 7th 2006.

Today, eight months later, I am particularly satisfied since construction works for Line 2 extension to Elliniko are in progress concurrently at 13 worksites and they are at an advanced stage; as you see, the start-up shaft of the Tunnel Boring Machine (Metromole), which is expected to be gradually installed next month at Elliniko, will be completed soon. Upon its assembly, the construction of the tunnel of the said project will commence early 2007.

On this strenuous effort, I wish to congratulate both the ATTIKO METRO executives and the 500 employees of the construction consortium who work hard on a daily basis for the implementation of the project.

This extension from Aghios Dimitrios to Elliniko is 5,5 km long with four additional stations and will be delivered to the public in three years at the end of 2009. The new stations will serve on a daily basis approximately 80,000 passengers. In this way, Line 2 of the Athens Metro network, with 20 Stations and 19 km of underground Line, will connect the area of Anthoupoli with the area of Elliniko. Today, in rush hour it takes 45 minutes to drive from Elliniko to Syntagma, while by Metro a passenger will cover the same distance in only 15 minutes.

Moreover, ATTIKO METRO S.A. has already initiated the study for the development of car park facilities at the four new Metro stations as well as the Bus Transfer Stations, in order to serve the southern suburbs of Athens in the best possible way.

Taking into account the Metro works currently under way in Athens and in Thessaloniki, we double the length and the number of the metro stations currently in operation.

22,3 km of new underground line are added to the 26,1 km of Metro line with the 24 Metro Stations currently operating in Athens; 23 Metro Stations will be added in Athens and Thessaloniki taking into account the projects currently under way, without taking into account the Suburban Railway Line currently used by the Metro system.
If we also take into account the extension from Aghia Marina (Haidari) to Piraeus and the three new Stations HOLARGOS, NOMISMTOKOPIO & AGHIA PARASKEVI, whose construction will commence by summer 2007, then the front of the Metro works in Greece will be by far more extended than the network currently in operation.

The budget of the most extended front of the Metro works ever constructed in Greece currently exceeds the two billion euros. The Metro system is the most important transportation means for the upgrading of the quality of life in the city; it continues to be extended covering the greatest part of Attica Basin, as this will be the case for the Thessaloniki Metro”.

Underground Metro System (in Km)Metro Stations
March 200417.620
Olympic extensions8.54
In operation to date 26.124
Extension to Egaleo4.23
Under construction today in Athens8.510
Under construction today in Thessaloniki9.613
Under construction today – Total22.326
New extensions in Athens (commencement in 2007)8.27
Total of the Extensions30.533
Total of the Metro network 56.657


Preparatory Works
  • The installations at 13 worksite areas have been executed and the 4 small areas of the Stations entrances/exits remain to be executed.
  • A total of 150 boreholes have been drilled along the alignment of the extension of the Line, while the preparation of individual reports of geotechnical evaluation is already at an advanced stage.
  • The installation of the equipment for the geomechanical and structural monitoring of the project is in progress.
  • The archaeological investigations at 6 worksite areas have been completed, while the archaeological excavation at ALIMOS and ARGYROUPOLI Stations, where finds from ancient thorps, tombs and quarries.
  • Works related to PUO network diversions are in progress.
  • Three traffic diversions have been executed and in November a forth traffic arrangement will be made in the area where ILIOUPOLI Station is to be located.
Main Construction Works
  • The installation of retaining piles at the start-up shaft (SOURMENA shaft) of the Tunnel Boring Machine has been completed, as well as of the cap beam. The excavation of the shaft, the application of shotcrete and the construction of pre-stressed anchors is currently under way.
  • The installation of piles and the construction of their cap beam at DIASTAVROSSI shaft has been completed. The excavation of the shaft is in progress.
  • The installation of piles and the construction of their cap beam at ELLINIKO Station is in progress.
Tunnel Boring Machine

The maintenance and the partial reconstruction of the Tunnel Boring Machine (ΤΒΜ-EPB), which was used in the past at ETHNIKI AMYNA-DOUKISSIS PLAKENTIAS Line 3 extension.
The TBM is provided for to be transferred at SOURMENA Shaft by the end of the year, where it will be assembled and tested in order to commence the construction of the tunnel during the first years of 2007.

  • The project will be entirely below surface with terminations at the street level in the areas of the Stations and shafts.
  • AGHIOS DIMITRIOS-ELLINIKO tunnel extension is 5,5 km long.
  • Four new Stations will be constructed and they will be named for the areas where they will be located: i.e. the Municipalities of Ilioupoli, Alimos, Argyroupoli and Elliniko. The said stations are located as follows:
    • ILIOUPOLI Station: Vouliagmenis Av. & Kleanthous Street.
    • ALIMOS Station: Vouliagmenis Avenue and Thermopylon Street.
    • ARGYROUPOLI Station: Vouliagmenis Av. and Pontou Street.
    • ELLINIKO Station: Vouliagmenis Av. & Iassonidou Street
  • The Stations present similarities in their architectural arrangement with recognizable shelters at most of their entrances. Each Station is 110 m. long with three levels: platforms, concourse level, E/M equipment level.
  • At each station there are entrances/exits on either sides of Vouliagmenis Av. which can be used as underground passageway for the public (during the Metro operation).
  • Persons with special needs will have full access to Stations.
  • The train stabling area is fully below surface under the street, which enables access to the former eastern airport.
  • The planning of the project was based on the most recent specifications and standards and exceeds the strictest safety standards with multiple redundancies.
  • In the project direct influence zone (in a spread of 500m from each Station), it is estimated that 34 000 people reside, while 18 000 job positions are developed in the same area.
  • Upon commissioning of the project, it is estimated that the four new stations will serve 80 000 passengers on a daily basis.
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