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ATHENS METRO – Completion of the tender for the supply of 17 new trainsets for the Athens Metro


The Press and Public Relations Office of the Ministry of PEHODE issued the following press release:

AM_Train_seats_LGFurther to the completion of the international Tender with a total budget of 155 million €,  the contract for the supply of 17 new Metro train sets was signed today; these trains will accommodate the needs of the network after the completion of the 10 new Metro stations.

Contractor of the Project is the consortium HANWA-ROTEM which will gradually deliver the Series III trains to Attiko Metro S.A. These trains:

  • are fully air-conditioned
  • are friendly to the environment
  • are equipped with state of the art systems
  • are aesthetically upgraded both in terms of exterior and interior appearance
  • are fitted with all the facilities for Persons with Special Needs
  • have all necessary provisions which render them capable to accept and be compatible with all technological upgrades to be carried out on the Athens Metro Lines 2 & 3 in the future.

Special emphasis was placed upon the energy consumption of the new train sets, and the minimization of energy consumption was the key criterion on which the bidding consortia competed. Thus, Series III trains of the Athens Metro will be, primarily, environment friendly.

In short, the project involves:

  • The manufacture, supply, testing and commissioning of seventeen six (6)-car train.
  • The supply of the capital spare parts of the trains, the special tools, the testing and diagnostic equipment and the mock-ups.
  • The three-year guarantee period for the good performance of the trains, as well as the supply of the capital spare parts and consumables for this guarantee period.
  • The provision of training to the personnel of AM and to the personnel of the Operation Company (AMEL).
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