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Dimotiko Theatro – Station Line 3 Extension to Piraeus – Educational action for children “METRO Going Green: Counting its Itineraries”

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Διοργάνωση εκπαιδευτικής εκδήλωσης για παιδιά «ΜΕΤΡΩ πράσινες διαδρομές» - Σταθμός Δημοτικό Θέατρο - Επέκταση της Γραμμής 3 του Μετρό προς Πειραιά


Line 3 Extension to Piraeus

 Educational action for children “METRO Going Green: Counting its Itineraries

 ELLINIKOMETROS.A.recentlycompletedanddeliveredforuseby the publictheMetroLine 3 Extension to Piraeus, an investment for the wider area of the city of Piraeus amounting to a total of 730 million Euro. The Project at handincludes 6 new stations, creating, thus, a major Transportation Hub at PIRAEUS Station, where two Metro lines (Lines 1 and 3), the Port, the Suburban Railway and the Tramway are operationally interconnected.

In the framework of delivering the Project to the citizens, ELLINIKO METRO S.A. developed an experiential training program for elementary school pupils entitled “METRO Going Green: Counting its Itineraries”, especially designed to familiarize children with environmental-friendly modes of transport.

OnTuesday,November 7th 2023, the original educational action “METRO Going Green: Counting its Itineraries” took place in the surrounding area of the Municipal Theatre in the city of Piraeus. This action was organized for the second time with the participation of elementary school pupils from the 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th grades of the 38th Elementary School of Piraeus, which was founded in the early 1900s and is one of the oldest schools in the Municipality of Piraeus.

The pupils, escorted by their teachers, gathered outside the Municipal Theatre of Piraeus, where Metro Line 3 terminal station is located, in which significant finds from the greatest urban archeological survey ever carried out in the wider area of Piraeus are exhibited and where a station-museum has been created that houses a permanent exhibition dedicated to the water supply system of the ancient city of Piraeus.

More precisely, through recreational, sports’ and experientialactivities, children were informed on “green” transportation modes and on their environmental benefits, but also on the sources of environmental pollution. For example, they were invited to solve a “green” Sudoku, participate in group games and create theme structures closely linked with environmental awareness.

It is noted that ELLINIKO METRO S.A. designed and implemented the original training program destined for free for the primary schools of Piraeus in cooperation with Choose-Stratego group of companies and Kivotos Events (www.kivotosevents.gr), a specialized team organizing training programs for schools.

The area where the action took place was offered by the Culture, Sports and Youth Organization of the Municipality of Piraeus.

WithprioritygiventotheconstructionofthenewAthens MetroLine 4, SectionA’ (AlsosVeikou – Goudi), ELLINIKOMETROS.A. continues its construction activities contributing thus to the provision of the best possible transportation services to the citizens of Athens.

In view of the above, ELLINIKO METRO S.A. continues its information actions on the construction of the New Line 4, SectionA’ (AlsosVeikou – Goudi), and organizes in a specially configured room in the area of the OLYMPIC PROPERTIES in Galatsi the Training Program “THE METRO IN GALATSI”.

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