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THESSALONIKI METRO: Meeting concerning the progress of the Project works

Σύσκεψη για την ενημέρωση προόδου των εργασιών

A long meeting was held today at ATTIKO METRO S.A. premises in Thessaloniki regarding the progress of the works in Thessaloniki Metro Base Project (completion percentage 82%) and in the Metro Extension to Kalamaria (completion percentage 84%). The meeting was held at the presence of the Deputy Minister of Infrastructures George Karayiannis, ATTIKO METRO S.A. CEO Nikolaos Kouretas, ATTIKO METRO S.A. Project Manager Miltiadis Bougalis, high-ranked executives of the Project Management and the Contracting Joint Venture Project Manager Panayiotis Korakitis and his associates.

Upon completion of the subject meeting, the Deputy Minister of Infrastructures George Karayiannis made the following statements: “Fulfilling our commitment for frequent supervision of the progress of works as concerns Thessaloniki Metro, a meeting was held today at ATTIKO METRO S.A. premises with the constructing Joint Venture and all stakeholders in the project.
In this work meeting, a discussion was held about the progress of the project leading to the conclusion that it progresses at a satisfactory pace. More specifically, the base project exhibits a significant progress as concerns the installation of the electromechanical systems, while after a several-year period, the contract regarding the remaining electromechanical equipment in the Extension to Kalamaria Project was finally unblocked and is to be signed next week.
The procurement of 18 state-of-the-art train sets has been completed, trial runs continue successfully, while the procurement of the 15 additional metro train sets has been put to tender and the Tender Committee is reviewing the relevant documentation.
The archaeological activities have been completed in all project sites except in Venizelou Station (completed at 97%).
Tomorrow, the issue pertaining to the approval of the designs for managing the antiquities underneath the surface will be brought before the Central Archaeological Council.
We are moving even faster than scheduled and we are adhering to the time schedules we have set.
We move to concrete actions to fulfill the commitment expressed by the Ministry of Infrastructures and Transport and the Minister K. Karamanlis himself for the city of Thessaloniki to enjoy both Metro services and antiquities and we are refuting those praising division and introversion.
We are determined and we are moving forward for the city of Thessaloniki, by the end of 2023, to enjoy the services of the most technologically advanced Metro system in the whole Greece”.
The satisfactory progress of the construction activities in all 18 stations of the Thessaloniki Metro (Base Project and Extension to Kalamaria), the constant and successful progress of the trial runs of trains and systems in the Section Sintrivani – Pylea Depot, as well as the progress of the archaeological works in Venizelou and Aghia Sofia Stations were all ascertained in the meeting. Moreover, the last (18th) train-set has arrived in the city.

The progress of the project is now tangible, as far as the streets of the city are concerned, since the major part of the areas occupied by the Metro worksites has been freed and handed over to the citizens.


Brief Technical Description of the Base Project
 Contract signing Date: 26/04/2006
 Contracting Joint Venture: “ΑΚΤOR / WEBUILD / HITACHI RAIL STS/ HITACHI Rail Italy”
 Anticipated date of the Project completion: 31/12/2023
(according to the last request for extension submitted by the Contractor)

The project includes the following:
1. 13 modern center-platform Stations (distance between stations: 500-600m., central platform length: 60 m.)
2. 9.6 km of line with two independent single track tunnels
3. 18 fully automated, state-of-the-art, fully air-conditioned, driverless trains, with an attendant aboard the train and a capacity of 450 persons
4. Maximum transport capacity: 18,000 passengers / hour / direction
5. Depot area: 50.000 m2 in Pylea
6. Platform Screen Doors (PSD) system in each station to operate in coordination with the trains via the signaling system
7. Anticipated daily ridership: 250.000 passengers
8. Procurement of 18 trains.

Current status of the Base Project
The Contractor employs scientific, administrative and technical/labor personnel (605 persons).
Until the present date, the overall percentage of implementation of the financial scope of the contract reaches 82%.
The Civil Works progress percentage is approximately 97.2% (except for the architectural finishes’ percentage, which is 77%).
The E/M works progress percentage is approximately 64%.
The archaeological works have been completed in all project locations, except for VENIZELOU Station.

More specifically:
• the two tunnels have been completed in full,
• Civil works have been completed in the 12 stations and at the Depot,
o ATTIKO METRO S.A. premises at the Depot will have been completed and delivered for use by summer 2022.
• the architectural finishes and the street surface reinstatement works are in progress. Over the last months, the works for the final configuration of the surrounding area have been completed in the following stations: NEW RAILWAY STATION, DIMOKRATIAS, SINTRIVANI, PANEPISTIMIO, PAPAFI, EFKLIDIS and 25 MARTIOU. At the south part of AGHIA SOFIA Station
o works for placing back the antiquities have commenced,
o the final configuration of the surrounding area has commenced and has been completed, while this area was gradually delivered for use at the end of year 2021,
o Egnatia street was handed over to traffic at its final configuration after 14 years,
• Double track related works have been completed in full in the section between SINTRIVANI Station and the Depot (in the section where train trial runs have commenced) and, in the remaining section extending from NEW RAIWAY Station to SINTRIVANI Station, they are expected to be completed in the first semester of 2022 (currently, the completion percentage is approximately 94.00%),
• E/M works are in progress in all stations (except for VENIZELOU and AGHIA SOFIA Stations), as well as in the Depot.
• All 18 trains foreseen in the contract have arrived at the Depot and their relevant tests are in progress.
In July 2021, the installation of all necessary systems was completed, the electrification in the section between SINTRIVANI Station and the Depot was energized, train trial runs commenced at the specific section, their relevant tests are in progress. Upon completion of the works in Venizelou Station, the aforesaid testing activities will be expanded in the remaining section from the NEW RAILWAY STATION to SINTRIVANI station and their successful outcome will mark the completion of the Project.

Archaeological Works – Venizelou Station
The archaeological works have been completed in all sites of the project, except Venizelou Station.
Venizelou Station

• Until the present date:
• The entire road pavement of the Middle Road ‘decumanusmaximus’ has been detached (per sections), as described in the approved design, along with the underlying road pavements, up to the upper surface of the underlying ducts ΑΓ12 and ΑΓ13. An archaeological investigation had preceded in the intermediate areas of the sections that had to be detached. The detachment of archaeological unity D28 is pending.
• The entire southern-most section of cardo (C1) was detached.
• The mud-made walls were demolished by the specialized personnel of the company INTERGEO EPE.
• The four-arched structure (Tetrapylon) and the piers have been detached.
• In the demarcated area at the southern part of the station, where past excavation activities revealed the existence of mercury, detachment works were performed under the constant supervision of INTERGEO EPE, with the use of special Personal Protective Equipment and on the basis of suggestions made by the subject company, which (suggestions) had been submitted and approved by the Ministry of Culture and Sports.
Upon completion of the construction of Venizelou Station, the antiquities will be placed back in this location.

• In August 2021, the works for the temporary retaining Venizelou Station Northern Access commenced; the aforesaid works were necessary for the initiation of the archaeological excavation activities in the subject area. At the end of December 2021, the subject works were completed and the archaeological excavation commenced; the excavation at hand covers a surface of 323,00 square meters and will reach a depth of approximately 9.5 meters.
• The archaeological investigation at the SA shaft of the Station, covering a surface of 83 square meters and reaching a depth of approximately 7.5 meters is to be performed

Extension of THESSALONIKI METRO to Kalamaria
The works of THESSALONIKI METRO Base Project are progressing parallel to the works of the METRO Extension to KALAMARIA.
 Conclusion of the Contract :25.06.2013
 Contractor: ΑΚΤΩR Α.Τ.Ε.
The project includes:
 5 Stations, 5 shafts
 4.77km. of line accommodating two independent single-track tunnels
 Part of the railway and electromechanical (E/M) systems

Current status of the Thessaloniki Metro extension to Kalamaria
The Contractor employs scientific, administrative and labor/technical personnel (220 persons).
Until the present date, the overall completion percentage of the contract scope is 84.3%.
The progress rate of civil works reaches 96.82%.
The E/M works progress rate s approximately 53.78%.
More specifically:
• Both tunnels have been completed;
• The works for the final configuration of the surrounding area in Nomarchia, Aretsou, Nea Krini and Mikra Stations commenced in June 2021. The works for the final configuration of the surrounding area and the construction of traffic islands and sidewalks in the area of Kalamaria Station have progressed to a great extent.
• The construction of trackwork, the third rail and the walkway channels is in progress. The trackwork (double track), the third rail and the walkway channels have been completed in full, except the 5 turnouts whose installation has recently commenced and whose completion is anticipated within the first semester of 2022 (current completion percentage: 89%).
The completion of the Extension Project called for the Tendering of E/M Systems. As regards the subject Systems, the current status is as follows:
• 2 E/M Systems (Signaling and BACS) have already been installed;
• The tendering process through the appointment of a provisional contractor has been completed for 8 E/M Systems. The Contract will be signed in March 14th 2022;
• The procurement of the 15 new trains, against a budget of 142,000,000€, has been put to tender. The pertinent offers were unsealed in February 1st 2022 and the Tender Committee is currently reviewing the relevant back up documentation.

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