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Information meeting and cooperation between ATTIKO METRO S.A. and the Chamber of Handicrafts of Thessaloniki

Further to the decisive intervention of the Management of the Ministry of Infrastructure, Transport & Networks and in cooperation with the Department of Antiquities concerned, ATTIKO METRO S.A. succeeded in fully resetting the Thessaloniki Metro Project, which now progresses at a rapid pace.

The above statement was stressed out by Mr. Georgios Konstantinidis, Manager of the Thessaloniki Metro Projects, in the framework of the information meeting held with the Management of the Chamber of Handicrafts of Thessaloniki. The meeting was attended on behalf of the Chamber of Handicrafts by Mr. Panagiotis Papadopoulos, new Chairman of the Chamber, Mr. Andreas Stambolidis, General Secretary, Mr. Symeon Diamantidis, Vice-chairman A΄, Ms. Polymnia Alexiadou, Financial Supervisor and Ms. Kyriaki Koukioglou, Manager.

Mr. Konstantinidis made reference to the efforts made by ATTIKO METRO S.A. in accelerating the construction works pace, as well as in mitigating, to the extent possible, on the one hand, the negative impact entailed for the enterprises located adjacent to the Metro worksites and, on the other hand, the disturbances caused to the residents and the citizens of Thessaloniki.

The Manager of the Thessaloniki Metro Projects informed the representatives of the Chamber of Handicrafts on the measures that have been implemented in order to expedite the works. More precisely, the administrative responsibilities have been transferred to Thessaloniki.

The excavation works have been significantly improved through the introduction of a second shift and better organization of the works.

The funding of the project has been secured and the commissioning of the Base Line is foreseen for 2015 based on theproject time schedule.

Mr. Konstantinidis also informed the participants of the meeting on the Metro extensions and the planned connection of Macedonia airport possibly though monorail.

The Chairman of the Chamber of Handicrafts of Thessaloniki expressed his strong will that every possible effort is implemented so that there will be no further delays in the execution of the project. Mr. Papadopoulos also pointed thatthe city of Thessaloniki needs a modern and functional Metro which will reach the airport of Thessaloniki in order to cover the ridership needs.

It was agreed that this first meeting shall constitute the base for further cooperation between the Chamber of Handicrafts and ATTIKO METRO S.A.

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