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Visit of political officials of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport to AGHIA VARVARA Line 3 Metro Station under construction

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Επίσκεψη στον υπό κατασκευή σταθμό «Αγ. Βαρβάρα»
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The Minister of Infrastructure and Transport Kostas Karamanlis, together with the Deputy Minister Yiannis Kefalogiannis and the Secretary General of Infrastructure George Karayiannis visited today AGHIA VARVARA Station, in Metro Line 3 Extension “Aghia Marina – Dimotiko Theatro”, currently under construction, which will be commissioned in the beginning of July together with KORYDALLOS and NIKEA Stations.

After his tour at the worksite of AGHIA VARVARA Station Mr. Karamanlis pointed out the following: “A few months ago, I committed myself that the three first stations of the Metro extension to Piraeus, namely AGHIA VARVARA, KORYDALLOS and NIKEA, would be delivered to the public in the beginning of the summer. Indeed, we have put a lot of intensive work throughout this time to achieve this” stating also that during the coronovirus pandemic works continued and that all measures for the safety and protection of workers were strictly adhered to in line with the instructions of the health specialists.

“Today, I am pleased to say again that we will honor our commitment. Tests will soon be completed in all systems and, thus, these three stations can be commissioned in the beginning of July”. The Minister also added that “In the last six months we have managed to overcome a lot of perennial problems and to solve significant issues which remained open for long”.

The Minister of Infrastructure and Transport also stated that: “It is not only the construction part which will be completed. What we have also successfully addressed is the issue of the electronic ticket in these specific stations and its interconnection with the central system”.

Mr. Karamanlis reminded that this specific problem was delivered to him unsolved on the assumption of his duties with the real risk of having the stations constructed without them being able to operate since passengers would not be able to validate their ticket “Imagine you the absurd problems we were faced with…” was the comment he made adding that:

“Nevertheless, by following the right directions and actions and despite the adverse circumstances we are faced with due to the pandemic, we have managed to solve this problem too in a very short period of time.

In less than two months from today hundreds of thousands of our fellow citizens in the regions of Aghia Varvara, Korydallos and Nikea will be able to enjoy the services of the Metro in all due comfort and safety”.

At the end of his statements, Mr. Karamanlis pointed out that: “It goes without saying that we will continue to work intensively. Our next objective is to honour the second part of our commitment, i.e. to deliver in 2022 the other three stations, namely MANIATIKA, DIMOTIKO THEATRO and PIRAEUS, which presented serious delays at the change of the political leadership. We continue to work based on a methodic and serious approach refraining from using big words”.

Mr. Kefalogiannis stressed out that: “It is imperative to create new infrastructures with a view to upgrade the transport services delivered to the citizens of the capital”.

Mr. Kefalogiannis also stated that: “Through the new AGHIA VARVARA Station, the Metro network is expanded towards the crucial line connecting Athens with Piraeus”, while he also pointed out that: “The operation of the new station will bring about a direct improvement not only to the transportation of the residents of these areas but also to the quality of their lives, since significant surrounding area redevelopment has been implemented”.

The project in figures

The Metro Line 3 extension “Aghia Marina – Dimotiko Theatro” consists of an approximately 7.55 km long tunnel, six new stations (AGHIA VARVARA, KORYDALLOS, NIKEA, MANIATIKA, PIRAEUS, DIMOTIKO THEATRO) and seven ventilation intershafts.

The contractual lump sum price of the project (including contingencies, works on a cost-plus basis and revision) amounts to 467,462 million EURO.

Works in Line 3 extension are 83% complete. At the section of the three first stations, electromechanical systems tests are in progress, while architectural finishes and surface reinstatement works are at a completion stage.

In more detail, civil works (architectural, surfaces, etc.) are 90% complete on the entire extension and 99.5% complete in AGHIA VARVARA, KORYDALLOS and NIKEA Stations.

Electromechanical works are 69% complete on the entire extension, while AGHIA VARVARA, KORYDALLOS and NIKEA Stations are 95% complete (the remaining 5% mainly concerns tests).

The final train trial running phase has been scheduled for June. Upon its completion, AGHIA VARVARA, KORYDALLOS and NIKEA Stations will be ready to be delivered for revenue operation in the beginning of July 2020.

By the end of June, tests will be performed at various Metro operating systems (fire detection, traction power system remote control, ventilation, low voltage distribution, etc.).

By that time, it is expected that OASA will have implemented the ticket issuing and validation system, thus, ensuring smooth operation of the stations. Street-level areas will also be ready to be delivered to the public.

It is pointed out that AGHIA VARVARA, KORYDALLOS and NIKEA Stations have been designed by ATTIKO METRO S.A. with due priority given on bioclimatic characteristics.

In the mean time, in PIRAEUS Station, the concreting works of the foundation slab have been completed. Concreting works have been completed in MANIATIKA and DIMOTIKO THEATRO Stations, while architectural finishes and works for the installation of electromechanical equipment are in progress in DIMOTIKO THEATRO Station. The entire Line 3 extension is anticipated to be given to revenue service in summer 2022.



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