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THESSALONIKI METRO: “Thessaloniki is turning a new page. Projects that suffered long delays are back on track – Lingering promises become a reality”

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“Thessaloniki is turning a new page. Projects that suffered long delays are back on track – Lingering promises become a reality”

Today, Monday 16th 2018, the Public Consultation meeting about west Thessaloniki took place, with the participation of representatives from the Local Authorities, as well as from the business, trade, handicraft and professionals associations of west Thessaloniki.

The meeting was attended by His Reverence the Metropolitan Bishop of Neapoli and Stavroupoli Mr. Varnavas, the Deputy Minister of Environment Mr. Sokratis Famellos, the Governor of Central Macedonia Mr. Apostolos Tzitzikostas, the Vice Governor of Thessaloniki Ms. Voula Patoulidou, the Director of the Prime Minister’s Office in Thessaloniki Ms Katerina Notopoulou, the Mayor of Thessaloniki Mr. Boutaris, the Mayor of Ambelokipi – Menemeni Mr. Kyrizoglou, the Mayor of Pavlos Melas Mr. Demourtzides, the Mayor of Kordelio – Evosmos Mr. Soulas and the Mayor of Oreokastro Mr. Gavotsis. The meeting was also attended by the Chief of Thessaloniki Department of Antiquities Ms. Veleni, the Chairman of OASTH Mr. Papas, the Chairman of OSETH Mr. Abantzas, the Chairman of the Technical Chamber/Central Macedonia Mr. Billias, the Deputy Mayor of Neapoli – Sykeon Mr. Saoulidis, the Deputy Mayor of Thessaloniki Mr. Dimarelos, the Vice Chairman of the Thessaloniki Handicraft Association Mr. Vargiamis, the Vice Chairman of the Thessaloniki Professional Association Mr. Iliades, the BoD Member of the Thessaloniki Chamber of Commerce and Industry Mr. Moraitides, the Manager of the Natural Gas Distribution Company Mr. Mantis.

Attiko Metro S.A (AM) gave a detailed presentation  on the location of the stations and on the complete and updated alignment of the Metro extension to the west suburbs of Thessaloniki. More specifically, the Company’s Manager of Strategic Development Mr. Nikos Boussoulas presented an analysis of the Metro line extension. At the same time, the AM representatives recorded all remarks expressed by the attendees, which will be seriously taken into consideration in the framework of the imminent commencement of the preliminary works.

After the completion of the Public Consultation meeting, the Chairman of AM Professor Yannis Mylopoulos made the following statement: “Thessaloniki is turning a new page. Projects that suffered long delays are back on track – Lingering promises become a reality”.


Professor Yannis A. Mylopoulos, Attiko Metro S.A. Chairman,

Inaugurates  the Public Consultation  about the Metro Extension

to West Thessaloniki

We welcome you to the Public Consultation on the extension of Thessaloniki Metro to the west. As promised by the Minister of Infrastructures and Transport, Mr. Christos Spirtzis and Attiko Metro S.A. during the Regional Conference of Central Macedonia, we begin immediately after the Easter holidays the final stage of the consultation on the plan for the Metro extension, as this plan was presented during the above Conference.

As you recall, this plan has taken its final form after successive meetings with the Mayors and other authorities of west Thessaloniki, which started about a year ago.

As the Minister an of course the Prime Minister himself have stated on several occasions, west Thessaloniki is a high priority for the Government, aiming at providing to a socially and financially underprivileged area access to infrastructures, which will in turn upgrade this area, allowing thus Thessaloniki to enjoy balanced development and social cohesion.

Now that the Base Project is firmly back on track and, after the implementation of the new and revised time schedule, it sees for the first time the year 2020 as its completion horizon, it is time for us to plan the “next day” of Thessaloniki Metro, which consists in the extensions to the east and west.

If today we discuss only about the preliminary works at west Thessaloniki, this is due to the fact that the extension to the east is planned as a surface project, in order to avoid the execution of preliminary works, costly works on the surface and expropriations.

The exceptionally high absorption of funds by Attiko Metro S.A in 2017 for 2 projects (base line and extension to Kalamaria), which reached the amount of 200 million Euros, gave us the benefit of additional funds amounting to 30 million Euros, which are currently placed in the execution of the preliminary works at the west suburbs; this means that upon completion of the consultations, with this amount of 30 million Euros Attiko Metro S.A. shall announce the tenders for the preliminary works, the archaeological works and the PUO diversions.

This innovative approach of disassociating the preliminary works from the execution of the main project, which constitutes a strategic choice by the Ministry of Infrastructures, is a policy that will accelerate the execution of the works and will eliminate unnecessary financial burdens.

It would be appropriate to keep in mind during the consultation that the alignment of the Metro line will radically change the transport map of the city of Thessaloniki. All trips will be re-organized and re-distributed, in a manner that the resulting modes of transport shall be of  combined nature, aiming at an intergraded urban mobility within the wider conurbation.

I would like to thank you for your participation in the consultation today. It is well known that infrastructures and public projects belong and are targeted to the local societies which are served by them and you, being the Local Authorities representatives, play an important role in that.

Besides, this important plan is a product of our harmonious cooperation.


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